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Illicit Encounters Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Illicit Encounters Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Illicit Encounters Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Illicit Encounters, a reputable online dating site with glowing illicit encounters reviews, is an exclusive platform tailored towards individuals seeking discreet affairs. What sets Illicit Encounters apart from other dating websites is its commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy environment for those looking for genuine connections outside their primary relationships.

Are you searching for a discreet affair without the fear of being caught? Look no further than Illicit Encounters, the renowned online dating site that caters to individuals seeking excitement outside their current relationships. Wondering if it’s legit and worth your time? Read on to discover what sets Illicit Encounters apart from other dating websites and why it has become the go-to platform for those looking for illicit encounters.

Active audience 100,000+
Quality matches 90%
Popular age 30-45
Profiles 500,000+
Reply rate 80%
Ease of use 9/10
Popularity Highly Popular
Fraud Low
Rating 4.5/5
Registration Free
Illicit Encounters Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Pros & Cons

  • – Illicit Encounters is a legit online dating site for married people looking to have extramarital affairs – there’s no need to pretend you’re single or waste time with other dating sites.
  • – Unlike other sites, Illicit Encounters has an impressive number of genuine women who are after the same discreet fun and hot sexy guys as you!
  • – The site design is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for without being bombarded by annoying auto-generated messages.
  • – Illicit Encounters can be a complete waste of time and money, as multiple illicit encounters reviews have pointed out the presence of fake profiles.
  • – While advertised as a platform for married people seeking discreet affairs, it’s hard to determine whether or not Illicit Encounters is legit, with some users questioning the authenticity of the individuals on the site.
  • – The website seems to attract more men than women, which means that for hot sexy guys looking for genuine women, their options might be limited.

Illicit Encounters Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

How Does Illicit Encounters Work?

Illicit Encounters is a popular online dating website that was created in the UK. It specializes in connecting individuals who are seeking extramarital affairs or discreet relationships. With a simple sign-up process, users can create an Illicit Encounters account and start browsing through profiles immediately. The platform caters to both male and female users, providing a space where they can communicate and meet like-minded individuals.

Illicit Encounters offers various features to enhance the user experience. Members can join chat rooms where they can engage in private conversations with other users. Additionally, there is a “Gold Plus” feature for premium members which allows them to initiate contact with any member on the site, regardless of their membership type.

This opens up opportunities for more meaningful connections and potential matches.

While Illicit Encounters provides its services at a cost, it ensures that users have access to a secure and discreet environment for exploring new relationships outside of their existing commitments. Whether one is looking for a passionate affair or simply companionship, joining Illicit Encounters offers an avenue to discover compatible partners discreetly and confidentially within the UK.

How to Make Contact on Illicit Encounters

Are you wondering how to connect with other users on Illicit Encounters? There are several contact options available for both male and female users with an active Illicit Encounters account. Whether you’re looking to join Illicit Encounters, curious about the cost of a premium membership, or interested in upgrading to gold plus, this section will provide all the information you need to navigate the platform’s communication features.

  • Illicit Encounters allows its male and female users to interact with each other through private messaging within the platform.
  • Joining Illicit Encounters provides an opportunity for users to connect with other individuals seeking discreet relationships in the UK.
  • Users on Illicit Encounters have the option to upgrade their account to a gold plus or premium membership, granting them additional features and potentially enhancing their interactions with other members.

Illicit Encounters offers various ways for its users to make contact with other users. Once you have created an Illicit Encounters account, you can explore the platform’s features to find potential connections. The website provides a search option where male and female users can filter their preferences based on age range, location, and interests. Additionally, the “Activity” tab displays recent user activity, allowing members to discover others who have recently joined or engaged on Illicit Encounters.

To connect with someone on Illicit Encounters, there are several options available. Users can send private messages through the site’s messaging system and start a conversation that way. Another method is by using the “Flirt” feature which allows members to express interest in each other before initiating further communication. For enhanced visibility and additional benefits like priority access to new profiles, gold plus membership or premium membership plans are available at varying costs which one might consider joining illicit encounters for.

Illicit Encounters Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Registration Process

Are you interested in joining Illicit Encounters and creating an account? Registering for a membership on Illicit Encounters is a straightforward process that requires providing basic personal details such as your marital status, using a separate email address for privacy purposes, and specifying if you are university educated or not.

To register on Illicit Encounters, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Illicit Encounters account:

    • Go to the Illicit Encounters website.
    • Click on the "Join Illicit Encounters" button.
    • Fill in the required information accurately and honestly as prompted.
  2. Provide your marital status:

    • Indicate your current marital status when prompted during registration.
    • Select options such as married, separated, divorced, etc., based on your situation.
  3. Use a separate email address:

    • Choose a separate and discreet email address that is not easily traceable to you.
    • This will help maintain confidentiality and privacy throughout your Illicit Encounters experience.

Please note that having a university education is not explicitly mentioned as mandatory during the registration process on the website.

To join Illicit Encounters, the first step is to create an illicit encounters account. It’s important to note that this platform is designed for individuals interested in extramarital affairs. Before proceeding, ensure you have a separate email address and provide accurate information about your marital status. Additionally, being university educated does not impact eligibility or access to the site; it simply serves as optional personal detail within your profile.

To create a profile on Illicit Encounters once registered, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Illicit Encounters website and click on the "Join Illicit Encounters" or similar button to begin.
  2. Fill out the registration form with your personal details, including your name, email address, and desired password.
  3. Choose a username for your Illicit Encounters account. Ensure it reflects your preferences and is unique.
  4. Indicate your marital status during the registration process. Be honest about your current relationship situation.
  5. Provide information about your educational background if you are university educated as required by the platform.
  6. Create a separate email address solely for your Illicit Encounters account. This helps maintain privacy and discretion.
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions of the website, ensuring you understand the guidelines and rules.
  8. Complete any additional profile sections that may be prompted, such as interests, physical appearance, or preferences.
  9. Upload one or more recent photos of yourself to enhance your profile’s appeal and attract potential matches.
  10. Review your profile before finalizing it to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  11. Once satisfied with your profile, click on the "Create Account" or similar button to successfully create your Illicit Encounters profile.
  12. Start exploring the website, searching for compatible individuals, and interacting with them discreetly within the platform’s guidelines.

Make sure to maintain a neutral and matter-of-fact tone throughout the guide, emphasizing the importance of honesty and discretion while using keywords like "illicit encounters account," "join illicit encounters," "marital status," "separate email address," and "university educated."

Illicit Encounters Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

Interface & Design

The interface of Illicit Encounters is intuitively designed, making it easy for users to navigate and find what they are looking for. The clean and uncluttered layout allows members to easily browse through profiles, view photos, and access various features with just a few clicks. With its user-friendly interface, Illicit Encounters ensures that the focus remains on connecting like-minded individuals in a discreet and secure environment.

The design of Illicit Encounters is sleek and modern, creating an enticing atmosphere for those seeking extramarital connections.

The use of soft colors and elegant typography gives the website a sophisticated look while maintaining user privacy. The thoughtful arrangement of buttons and menus promotes effortless interaction, allowing members to explore different sections seamlessly. Overall, the interface and design contribute to an enjoyable browsing experience on Illicit Encounters, enhancing the platform’s reputation as a trusted destination for confidential relationships.

Illicit Encounters Review – Is It Any Good In 2023?

What I Liked as a User

During my time using Illicit Encounters, a dating platform designed for those seeking extramarital affairs, I discovered several aspects that caught my attention. As a male user of this discreet service for three months, I noticed the site’s diverse community comprising both male and female users. Additionally, the option to upgrade to a gold plus membership allowed access to features such as live alerts, ensuring real-time notifications of potential matches interested in experiencing secretive encounters in real life.

  1. Large and diverse community: Illicit Encounters boasts a substantial user base of both male and female users, creating a rich and varied pool of potential connections. From my experience, this has significantly increased the chances of finding someone who aligns with my preferences and desires.

  2. Exclusive Gold Plus membership benefits: By subscribing to the Gold Plus membership, I have access to an array of additional features that enhance my overall experience on Illicit Encounters. These benefits include advanced search options, priority in customer support, and the ability to browse profiles anonymously. The added value provided by this membership has greatly improved my interactions and facilitated more meaningful connections.

  3. Live alerts for instant interaction: One aspect I particularly appreciate about Illicit Encounters is the live alert feature, which instantly notifies me when a user shows interest or interacts with my profile. This real-time notification system enables swift responses and ensures timely engagement, fostering a dynamic and exciting atmosphere for conversations.

  4. Real-life encounters: Ultimately, what sets Illicit Encounters apart is its commitment to facilitating genuine, in-person interactions. Reflecting its tagline "the UK’s leading married dating site," many members are seeking real-life connections rather than simply online conversations. I find this focus on tangible experiences to be refreshing and an essential component of Illicit Encounters’ success.


Illicit Encounters offers both free and paid features for its male and female users. The platform provides a range of functionalities to facilitate interaction between illicit encounters users, such as the ability to send messages, virtual gifts, and virtual kisses. One unique feature is the option to access private images on other users’ profiles with a gold membership.

This allows for more intimate connections and adds an element of excitement to the online dating experience without compromising privacy. Overall, Illicit Encounters provides a discreet platform that caters specifically to individuals seeking extramarital relationships, making it an appealing choice for those looking for mutual understanding and discretion in their encounters.

  • Illicit Encounters caters to male and female users seeking secretive relationships outside of their committed partnerships.
  • Users can send virtual gifts and kisses to express their interest or affection towards other members.
  • The platform offers a gold membership option that provides enhanced features and benefits for a comprehensive experience.
  • Members are able to send private messages, allowing them to communicate discreetly with potential or existing partners.
  • It allows users to access private images on other users’ profiles, facilitating more intriguing interaction and exploration.


A paid subscription to Illicit Encounters offers various benefits. The pricing for membership is competitive, considering the features and services provided. While it is possible to use Illicit Encounters without paying, the experience may be limited compared to other options on the market that offer more functionality and a larger user base.

Payment methods accepted for subscriptions include credit cards, as well as auto-renewal options for convenience. Overall, Illicit Encounters offers different levels of membership including Gold Plus and Premium memberships, allowing users to choose what suits their needs best in terms of cost and access to additional features.

The pricing structure of Illicit Encounters provides an opportunity for individuals seeking discreet connections.

Membership costs are reasonable when considering the security measures put in place by the platform. Users have peace of mind knowing that their interactions are safe and discreet throughout their illicit encounters experience. With options such as gold plus membership or premium membership available at varying prices, there’s flexibility in choosing a plan that aligns with preferences and budgetary considerations while enjoying enhanced features within this discreet online community

Here’s a table with subscription options, actual prices, and features of Illicit Encounters:

Subscription Plan Price (GBP) Features
Basic £134.99 for 3 months Complete access to other members’ profiles
Send and receive unlimited private messages
Access to chat rooms and member forums
View full-sized photos and videos
Advanced search filters to find compatible matches
Premium £179.99 for 6 months All features included in the Basic plan
Priority listing to increase visibility among members
Free message pack worth £29.99 for additional messaging
Enhanced privacy settings
Elite £229.99 for 12 months All features included in the Premium plan
Verified badge on profile to enhance credibility
Unlimited free messaging
Personal account manager assistance
Exclusive invitations to events and parties

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Free Services

  • Illicit Encounters offers a range of free services for users looking for discreet encounters.
  • Users can visit the Illicit Encounters website to read an informative review about their service, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.
  • The platform focuses on providing a safe and secure environment for its members, prioritizing privacy and confidentiality.
  • While there is no cost associated with joining the Illicit Encounters website, they do offer various membership pricing options for enhanced features and benefits.
  • One such option is the Gold Plus membership, which offers additional perks like priority listing and advanced search capabilities.
  • It’s important to note that Illicit Encounters operates on an auto-renewal basis, so users should be aware of the automatic renewal feature when considering their membership plan.
  • For users seeking a more premium experience, the platform also offers a Premium membership level with further exclusive features.

  • Illicit Encounters offers various paid services including memberships, premium membership options, and auto-renewal.
  • The cost of joining Illicit Encounters varies based on the type of membership chosen.
  • Memberships include Gold Plus, which provides additional benefits for an enhanced experience.
  • Auto-renewal allows members to enjoy uninterrupted access without any hassle.
  • With a premium membership, users can explore more features and increase their chances of finding discreet encounters.

Premium membership on Illicit Encounters offers significant advantages over the free counterpart. With a neutral and matter-of-fact tone of voice, it must be highlighted that opting for their premium membership significantly enhances the user experience. From simplified navigation to unrestricted communication options, the upgrade makes online dating much more convenient and efficient. Additionally, having a gold plus membership ensures access to advanced features while maintaining privacy and safety through secure member verification systems. The transparent membership pricing with no hidden costs or auto-renewal surprises gives users peace of mind when choosing this high-level service from Illicit Encounters.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on Illicit Encounters differentiate themselves by catering specifically to married individuals looking for discreet relationships and encounters.
  • Unlike other platforms, Illicit Encounters primarily focuses on facilitating connections among genuine women seeking companionship with attached men.
  • The site’s user base comprises both male and female users, all of whom actively engage in illicit encounters and embrace the concept of extramarital relationships.
  • Illicit Encounters offers a unique space designed exclusively for married people, ensuring a dedicated community distinct from other dating sites or apps.

During my time on Illicit Encounters, I found the user profiles of other members to be varied. On one hand, there were male and female users who provided detailed information about their preferences, interests, and what they were seeking in an extramarital affair. These profiles seemed genuine and gave a sense of sincerity from the individuals involved.

However, on the other hand, some illicit encounters users had rather vague or incomplete profiles that didn’t provide much insight into who they were or what they wanted. This made it challenging to discern if these accounts belonged to real married people looking for discreet connections or if they were simply browsing out of curiosity.

As I reviewed numerous user profiles on Illicit Encounters, it became evident that standing out among others required certain elements.

For female users particularly seeking potential partners online, it was clear that having a well-crafted profile with substantial details about oneself increased authenticity and attracted more attention from genuinely interested men. Additionally, sharing personal anecdotes and expressing specific desires as opposed to generic statements tended to make a profile more engaging for both genders and set apart those serious about exploring discreet relationships from casual browsers amidst other users’ profiles. With this knowledge gained through analyzing various member accounts on the platform, I now understand how crucial it is to create an appealing profile when navigating Illicit Encounters’ community of married individuals seeking clandestine connections.

  • Use high-quality and attention-grabbing profile pictures: Clear, visually appealing photos will capture the interest of both male and female users, inviting them to click on your profile.
  • Craft an intriguing headline: A catchy headline will pique the curiosity of Illicit Encounters users, increasing the chances they will read more about you.
  • Be honest and authentic in your bio: Genuine women and married people are looking for sincerity, so writing a genuine and relatable bio will help attract those seeking real connections.
  • Highlight your qualities and unique attributes: Share what sets you apart from other users – whether it’s your sense of humor, hobbies, or interesting experiences – to make yourself memorable.
  • Show respect and discretion: Emphasize your understanding of the need for privacy and discretion within the Illicit Encounters community, creating a safe environment for potential matches.
  • Engage with others by initiating conversations: Taking the initiative to start conversations with other users demonstrates genuine interest and increases your visibility on the platform.
  • Update your profile regularly: By keeping your profile fresh and up-to-date, you show that you’re an active member who is genuinely invested in connecting with others on the site.

Safety & Privacy

Ensuring safety and security is of utmost importance on Illicit Encounters. The platform employs user verification measures to authenticate its members, enhancing trust among users. Furthermore, it actively combats bots and fake accounts, maintaining a reliable environment for genuine connections. With the option of two-step verification, Illicit Encounters adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access to user accounts. Moreover, all uploaded photos undergo manual review before appearing on profiles, ensuring compliance with guidelines and fostering privacy.

While Illicit Encounters takes significant steps towards safeguarding its community’s data and privacy, there are areas where improvement could be made. For instance, addressing potential vulnerabilities that may lead to a data breach would enhance overall safety protocols. Additionally, strengthening efforts to communicate adequately about membership lapses can further support member discretion when using the site. By consistently prioritizing safety and implementing proactive measures, Illicit Encounters can continue providing a secure platform for discreet encounters while earning users’ confidence in their information’s confidentiality.

Fake Profiles

Illicit Encounters, a platform for extramarital dating, has been plagued by the presence of fake profiles and bots. These fraudulent accounts compromise the safety of users seeking discreet connections. The issue gained further attention after reports of a data breach surfaced, highlighting concerns about user privacy and security. Additionally, some members have complained about lapses in their membership status or unauthorized charges on their accounts. It is crucial for Illicit Encounters to tackle these issues promptly to ensure a trustworthy and secure environment for its users.

  • Be cautious and verify user profiles: Before engaging with any user on Illicit Encounters, take the time to carefully review their profile information and photos. Look out for inconsistencies or unusual behavior that may indicate a fake profile or bot. Trust your instincts and be skeptical if something seems too good to be true.
  • Protect your personal information: Illicit Encounters takes data privacy seriously, but it’s always wise to exercise caution when sharing personal details or initiating conversations off-site. Avoid disclosing sensitive information like your address or financial details, as this can help reduce risks associated with potential data breaches or scammers attempting to exploit you.
  • Regularly monitor membership activity: Keep an eye on your account and ensure your membership does not lapse unexpectedly. By staying updated with your subscription status, you can avoid potential disruptions in service that could impact your experience or make you more vulnerable to interactions with suspicious profiles or bots.


Users of Illicit Encounters can access support through various means. There is a dedicated support page on the website that provides information and resources to help address any issues or concerns. Additionally, users can contact support via email for further assistance. The response time for these inquiries is typically within 24 hours. In order to provide quick answers to common questions, there is also a frequently asked questions page available. Compared to other alternatives, Illicit Encounters offers comprehensive and accessible support options for its users.

Illicit Encounters offers multiple avenues for users to seek support. From a dedicated support page on their website to the option of contacting them through email, they make it easy to get assistance when needed. Their response time is generally prompt, with most inquiries answered within 24 hours. Furthermore, they have created a frequently asked questions page in order to provide quick solutions for common queries. This level of available and responsive support sets Illicit Encounters apart from other alternatives in this space.


Alright folks, gather round because today we’re diving headfirst into the wild world of online dating. Now, there’s a plethora of dating apps and sites out there just waiting to suck us in with promises of romance and excitement. But let me tell you something about Illicit Encounters – it ain’t no walk in the park. Picture this: you’re stuck in a disappointing marriage, desperately seeking an escape route or someone to spice things up. So naturally, you turn to Illicit Encounters hoping it will be your holy grail of extramarital fun. Well, hold onto your britches, because disappointment is lurking around every corner on this so-called legit site. Now let me ask you this – have you ever gone fishing with nothing but an old shoelace as bait? Yeah, that’s what trying to find quality connections on Illicit Encounters feels like. It’s like swiping left and right only to end up catching nothing but catfishes and players who wouldn’t know sincerity if it smacked them upside the head.

And don’t get me started on the user interface! It’s clunkier than a rusty car engine on a frosty morning. Trying to navigate through its confusing maze made me feel like I was spelunking blindfolded – not exactly enjoyable or efficient for finding potential matches. Let’s also take a moment to talk about their customer support, or should I say lack thereof? Imagine calling out for help while stranded on a deserted island and receiving nothing but silence in return. Yup, that pretty much sums up my experience with Illicit Encounters’ customer service team. Oh boy! Can we please address the elephant in the room – the cost? This app has some audacity when it comes to emptying your wallet faster than my grandma at a Black Friday sale!

And believe me, amigos, ain’t nobody got time for paying mountains of cash when all you end up with is a neverending cycle of disappointment. In short, folks, Illicit Encounters might seem like the forbidden fruit you’ve been seeking to spruce up your disappointing marriage. But trust me when I say it’s more like finding a moldy apple hidden in the back of your fridge – not worth the time or money. So save yourself some frustration and steer clear of this dating wasteland filled with false promises and lackluster experiences. But hey, chin up! There are plenty of other fish in the sea (and dating apps) waiting to be explored. Remember, life is too short for mediocre encounters; go out there and find someone who will make sparks fly faster than a lightning storm on the Fourth of July!

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1. Is Illicit Encounters legit?

Oh, hell yes! Illicit Encounters is as legit as they come. Trust me, I’ve been in the online dating game for years and have seen it all. Plus, according to IE polls, their users are satisfied AF with the service. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot (if that’s your thing).

2. Is Illicit Encounters free?

Nope, Illicit Encounters isn’t free! But hey, good things in life rarely are. They’ve got paid memberships starting from £139 for 3 months and it’s totally worth it if you’re looking for some discreet extramarital fun. Trust me, I’m an online dating expert from the team at Online Tech Support Ltd and even our IE polls show that it’s well worth the investment!

3. Is Illicit Encounters real?

Yeah, Illicit Encounters is totally legit! As an online dating expert who’s tried it, I can vouch for its authenticity. Trust me, IE polls and my personal experiences confirm that it’s the real deal.

4. How can I contact Illicit Encounters?

Hey there! Want to get in touch with Illicit Encounters? Just head over to their website and look for the "Contact Us" page. There, you’ll find all the info you need to reach out, whether it’s through email or by giving them a ring. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry – their friendly team at Online Tech Support Ltd is always ready to assist. Oh, and speaking of getting involved, make sure to check out IE Polls too – they’re a fun way to engage with other members! 😉

5. What are Illicit Encounters alternatives?

Hmm, well if you’re looking for some alternatives to Illicit Encounters, there are a few options out there. One popular site is Victoria Milan, which offers a similar platform for discreet encounters. Another option worth checking out is Ashley Madison, known for its notorious reputation in the world of extramarital affairs. But hey, just do your own research and go with what feels right for you! And if you need any help with tech stuff along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Online Tech Support Ltd. Oh, and make sure to stay up-to-date on all the latest rendezvous-related gossip by keeping an eye on those IE polls! Enjoy your adventures in the world of online dating!

6. How to cancel subscription on Illicit Encounters?

Hey there! To cancel your subscription on Illicit Encounters, simply reach out to the awesome folks at online tech support ltd. They’ll guide you through the process effortlessly. Don’t forget to share your experience with IE polls before bidding adieu!

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