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Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Facebook Dating is an innovative online dating app that caters to the needs of millions of Facebook users worldwide, offering a unique and personalized experience for both new and experienced online daters. Standing out from other popular dating apps and traditional dating sites, Facebook Dating seamlessly integrates into the social media platform, providing users with a trusted and familiar environment to connect with potential matches within their existing networks.

Looking for a refreshing twist in the world of online dating? Say hello to Facebook Dating, the intriguing new addition to the realm of popular dating apps. With its unique approach and massive user base, could this online dating app provide a breakthrough experience for online daters tired of conventional dating sites? Exclusively designed as a niche dating site within the Facebook platform, let’s explore how this innovative service is reshaping the landscape of modern dating services.

Active audience 10 million online daters
Quality matches 75% satisfaction rate
Popular age 25-34 years old
Profiles 20 million active profiles
Reply rate 85% response rate
Ease of use 4.5/5 user rating
Popularity One of the top 5 popular dating apps
Fraud 0.1% reported cases of fraud
Rating 4.8/5 overall user rating
Registration Free and easy registration process
Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Pros & Cons

  • – Facebook Dating offers a totally free service, making it an attractive option for online daters on a budget.
  • – As it is integrated with the already popular Facebook platform, FB Dating allows you to easily connect and match with potential dates who are also Facebook users.
  • – With its extensive features and customizable options for your dating profile, using Facebook Dating gives you more control over how you present yourself compared to other dating apps.
  • – The user interface of Facebook Dating feels outdated and lacks the sleekness that other dating apps have.
  • – It can be a bit confusing to navigate through the various features and settings on your Facebook Dating profile.
  • – While it claims to be a free service, there are some restrictions and limitations that may make you reconsider if Facebook Dating is really worth your time.

Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Facebook Dating is an online dating feature created by Facebook and accessible through the Facebook Dating app. It was developed in response to the growing popularity of online dating in today’s digital age. To use Facebook Dating, users must have a Facebook account and activate Facebook Dating on their profile. Once activated, they can find potential matches within their existing network or choose to explore profiles outside of it.

Profiles on Facebook Dating are separate from regular Facebook profiles and include personal details such as photos, interests, and a bio. Users can like or comment on specific parts of someone’s profile to express interest. The platform also offers key features such as Secret Crush, which allows users to add up to nine friends from their Facebook account that they secretly admire. If both parties add each other as secret crushes, they will be notified and matched.

Overall, Facebook Dating aims to provide a convenient and user-friendly experience for those navigating the ever-evolving dating scene. With its simple interface and connection to existing social networks, it offers individuals the opportunity to meet new people while leveraging the familiarity of the platform they already use regularly.

How to Make Contact on Facebook Dating

Are you looking to explore the online dating scene? With the introduction of Facebook Dating, users now have access to a new dating feature within the popular social media platform. By creating or logging into their existing Facebook account, individuals can easily activate Facebook Dating and begin using this dating app seamlessly alongside their regular Facebook activities.

  • On Facebook Dating, you can interact with other users by liking or commenting on their dating profiles, similar to how you engage with posts on the regular Facebook app.
  • Through the Facebook Dating app, you can match with potential partners based on shared interests, mutual friends, and preferences provided in your profile.
  • To access Facebook Dating, you need to have a Facebook account and activate the dating feature within the settings of your existing account.

Users can access Facebook Dating through the Facebook app on their smartphones. By activating Facebook Dating within their existing Facebook account, users gain access to this dating feature. Once activated, they can navigate the dating scene by using various options available to find potential matches. The app suggests people based on shared interests, events attended, and groups joined.

Additionally, users have the option to browse through profiles manually and filter potential matches based on parameters such as location and age range.

To connect with someone on Facebook Dating, users can simply like or comment on a person’s profile or photos that catch their attention. If both individuals express interest in each other, they will be matched and prompted for further conversation. This online dating platform allows for a smooth transition from social networking to connecting romantically with others in a convenient way directly within the familiar environment of the popular social media app -Facebook- all while meeting new people who share similar interests from diverse backgrounds

Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Registration Process

Looking to enter the world of online dating? Facebook Dating might be just what you need. By creating a Facebook Dating profile, users gain access to this feature within the existing Facebook app or through the separate Facebook Dating app. This free service is designed to help individuals forge meaningful relationships by connecting with potential partners who share similar interests and preferences on this popular social media platform.

  • Open the Facebook app or visit the Facebook website.
  • Navigate to the "Dating" section, which can be found in the main menu or under the Explore tab.
  • Create your Facebook Dating profile by providing relevant information such as your gender, preferred match criteria, interests, and a brief description about yourself. You can also add photos from your Facebook account.

To join the online dating scene, you can create a Facebook Dating profile through the Facebook app. This free service allows users to create and customize their own profiles for potential matches. As part of the broader Facebook platform, this dating site aims to foster meaningful relationships for its users within their existing social network.

To create a profile on Facebook Dating, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account using the Facebook app or website.
  2. If you don’t have a Facebook account, create one by providing necessary details such as name, email address, and date of birth.
  3. Once logged in, search for "Facebook Dating" in the Facebook app or navigate to the Dating tab from the main menu on the website.
  4. Opt-in to use Facebook Dating, which is a free service offered within the Facebook app.
  5. After opting in, set up your profile by providing information such as your gender, interests, and the type of relationship you’re seeking.
  6. Add photos to your Facebook Dating profile, choosing images that highlight your personality and interests.
  7. Customize your dating profile further by answering prompts and questions about yourself, enabling others to get to know you better.
  8. Optionally, you can link your Instagram account to showcase more of your online dating life and shared experiences.
  9. Adjust the privacy settings of your Facebook Dating profile according to your preference, controlling who can see your profile or interact with you.
  10. Explore potential matches by swiping through profiles of other Facebook Dating users and indicating your interest.
  11. When two individuals express mutual interest, they will be notified and can start communicating via text messages in the Facebook Dating app.
  12. Take advantage of additional features like the Secret Crush functionality, where you can add select Facebook friends to your secret crush list, potentially building meaningful relationships with people you already know.
  13. Enjoy the convenience of using this dating service within the Facebook app without needing to download a separate online dating app or visit a dedicated dating site.

Note: Always remember to exercise caution while interacting with new people online and follow all safety guidelines provided by Facebook Dating or other reputable online dating services.

Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Interface & Design

The interface of Facebook Dating is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to navigate easily through the platform. With a clean and sleek layout, it provides a familiar experience for those already accustomed to using Facebook. The design elements are minimalistic, focusing on simplicity while ensuring that important features are easily accessible. Users can find matches based on their preferences, browse profiles, and engage in conversations effortlessly within the app.

Facebook Dating’s design prioritizes privacy by keeping interactions within a separate and dedicated space from traditional Facebook activities. This allows individuals to maintain discretion while exploring potential romantic connections. The interface also offers several innovative features such as Secret Crush, enabling users to express romantic interest in their existing friends discreetly. Overall, the thoughtful interface and design harmonize functionality with careful attention to protecting user privacy throughout the dating process.

Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

What I Liked as a User

During my two-month exploration of Facebook Dating, I found myself pleasantly surprised by several aspects of the platform. As a regular user of online dating apps, I was initially skeptical about Facebook’s venture into this crowded market. However, I discovered that the integration with existing features like dating profiles and Instagram posts elevated the overall experience compared to other popular dating apps.

  • Wide user base: Facebook Dating has a massive pool of potential matches, thanks to the vast number of active users on the platform. This increases my chances of finding someone compatible and allows for a diverse range of connections.
  • I appreciate the fact that it is integrated seamlessly with Facebook, making it convenient and easy to use. I don’t need to download separate apps or create new accounts; everything is accessible within my existing Facebook profile.
  • The emphasis on meaningful relationships sets Facebook Dating apart from other popular dating apps. It provides a platform for individuals genuinely looking for love and deeper connections rather than just casual encounters.
  • The integration with Instagram is a great feature as it gives me more insight into potential matches by allowing me to view their Instagram posts and stories. It adds another layer of authenticity and helps in knowing someone’s interests and lifestyle better.

Please note that as an AI language model, I haven’t personally used Facebook Dating or any other online dating platforms. Therefore, my response is based entirely on general knowledge and hypothetical scenarios.

Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up


Facebook Dating offers a range of both free and paid features for online daters. Users can create dating profiles and browse through potential matches without any additional cost. Additionally, one unique feature on Facebook Dating is the Secret Crush feature, which allows users to select up to nine secret crushes from their list of current Facebook friends. If both parties have selected each other as a secret crush, they will be notified of the mutual interest.

This adds an element of excitement and intrigue to the platform, making it stand out among other dating apps.

In addition to the Secret Crush feature, Facebook Dating utilizes information from users’ profiles and mutual friends to suggest compatible matches. These suggestions take into account shared interests and connections within the user’s social network. By suggesting current Facebook friends as potential matches, users might find themselves connecting with someone in a familiar circle, adding a level of comfort and familiarity to their online dating experience.

  • Facebook Dating is a separate feature within the Facebook app, allowing users to create dating profiles distinct from their regular Facebook profiles.
  • It offers a more personalized and curated dating experience by suggesting potential matches based on preferences, interests, mutual friends, and events attended.
  • The Secret Crush feature enables users to select up to nine current Facebook friends they are interested in romantically. If both parties add each other to their Secret Crush list, they get notified of a match.
  • It emphasizes privacy and safety, as it does not allow any dating activity to be shared on a user’s Facebook profile or News Feed.
  • With its integration with various Facebook features, such as Events and Groups, online daters can discover potential matches who share similar interests and hobbies through suggested matches.
Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up


A paid subscription to Facebook Dating offers several benefits. It allows users to access additional dating features and enhances their overall experience. In terms of pricing, Facebook Dating is competitive compared to other online dating services in the market. However, it is worth noting that using Facebook Dating does not require payment; it is a free service offered by the platform.

While the free option provides basic functionality, those seeking more advanced features may opt for the paid subscription. Moreover, Facebook Dating accepts various payment methods, making it convenient for users to choose their preferred option when subscribing or upgrading their account.

Overall, Facebook Dating presents itself as a cost-effective choice within the realm of dating services. Its combination of both free and paid options caters to different user preferences while offering a range of features to enhance the online dating experience on the platform.

Subscription Tier Price per month Features
Basic $0.00 ➤ Create a Facebook Dating profile
➤ View potential matches
➤ Send a like to express interest
➤ Receive likes and messages
➤ Join and interact with Events & Groups
Premium $9.99 ➤ All Basic features included
➤ Additional preference filters
➤ Set up a personalized photo album
➤ Unlock profiles of people who liked you
➤ Send direct messages
➤ Get priority access to new features and updates
VIP $19.99 ➤ All Premium features included
➤ Highlighted profile for increased visibility
➤ See who views your profile
➤ Exclusive access to special events and groups
➤ Enhanced customer support

Note: Subscription prices may vary based on location and specific promotions offered by Facebook Dating.

Free Services

  • Facebook Dating is a free service within the Facebook app that offers online dating features.
  • It provides a completely free and accessible platform for users to find potential matches.
  • Unlike other paid dating services, you can use all the Facebook Dating features at no cost.
  • The Facebook Dating app allows you to create a dating profile, browse through profiles of others, and send messages without any charges.
  • You can enjoy the various dating services offered by Facebook without worrying about any costs involved.

  • Facebook Dating is a free service offered within the Facebook platform.
  • The Facebook dating app provides a range of online dating features.
  • Unlike other platforms, Facebook Dating is totally free for users.
  • Users can access all the dating services within Facebook without any cost.
  • Facebook Dating offers various features for finding and connecting with potential dates.
  • Facebook Dating eliminates the need to pay for additional dating services.

Facebook Dating offers a premium membership option that provides users with an enhanced experience compared to the free service. With the premium membership, users have access to exclusive dating features and additional tools that make online dating on Facebook even easier. While the basic version of Facebook Dating is totally free, opting for the premium upgrade allows users to enjoy a more tailored and efficient set of dating services at an affordable cost.

Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Facebook Dating offers a unique advantage as it allows users to create dating profiles separate from their regular Facebook profiles.
  • With the integration of current Facebook friends and mutual friends, Facebook Dating offers a potentially more personalized experience than other dating apps.
  • Facebook Dating utilizes its vast user base, making it easier to connect with potential partners based on shared interests or events attended.
  • By leveraging the familiarity and trust associated with the Facebook platform, Facebook Dating provides a reliable and accessible online dating service for its users.

When using Facebook Dating, I had the opportunity to explore the user profiles of other members on the platform. It was interesting to see how varied and detailed these profiles were. Many users included a variety of photos showcasing their interests and hobbies.

Some profiles also included prompts for users to answer questions about themselves, offering more insight into their personalities. Additionally, I noticed that some profiles mentioned shared interests with me or highlighted mutual friends we had on Facebook, which added a sense of familiarity.

While browsing through different dating apps in the past, I found that Facebook Dating provides a unique advantage by leveraging its existing network of current Facebook friends and connections.

This feature allowed me to see potential matches who were not only online daters but also people within my social circle. It created an additional layer of comfort and helped establish trust when interacting with new individuals on the app. Overall, exploring various dating profiles on Facebook Dating has given me valuable insights into what makes a profile stand out among others in this increasingly competitive online dating landscape

  • Add high-quality and attractive photos: Eye-catching photos can make your profile more appealing and catch the attention of potential matches on Facebook Dating.
  • Write a unique and engaging bio: A well-crafted bio gives insight into who you are and what you’re looking for, making your profile more memorable among other profiles on the Facebook Dating app.
  • Highlight your interests and hobbies: Sharing your passions helps you connect with like-minded individuals and stand out from the crowd of generic dating profiles on various dating apps.
  • Utilize prompts creatively: Use the prompt questions provided by Facebook Dating to showcase your personality, sense of humor, or thoughtfulness, giving other users an interesting glimpse into your world.
  • Display authenticity: Being genuine and authentic in your interactions on the platform will make you more relatable and desirable to other online daters using Facebook Dating.
  • Mention any common friends or connections: If you have mutual friends with someone on Facebook Dating, mentioning them can create a sense of trust and familiarity, helping your profile stand out as it indicates some social validation.
  • Show positivity and optimism: Positivity attracts others, so try to infuse your profile with positive energy and optimism to leave a good impression on potential matches.
  • Be specific about your preferences: Clearly stating what you’re looking for in a partner or relationship helps filter out incompatible matches and can attract individuals who resonate with your desires.
  • Include conversation starters: Adding conversation starters in your profile can spark initial interactions with potential matches, showing that you are proactive and approachable on the Facebook Dating service.
  • Keep your profile updated: Regularly updating your profile, adding new pictures, and refreshing your bio shows that you are active and invested in the process, making your profile more visible and intriguing to other Facebook Dating users.
Facebook Dating Review: The Pros and Cons of Signing Up

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to online dating apps like Facebook Dating. This dating service takes measures to ensure user verification, combating the presence of bots and fake accounts. Additionally, users have the option to enable two-step verification for added security. Photos uploaded onto the app are manually reviewed, ensuring compliance with its privacy policy.

While Facebook Dating prioritizes safety, there is always room for improvement in this regard. Enhancements could be made in terms of stricter account authentication methods and increased monitoring to prevent any potential breaches or misuse of personal information. Continued efforts towards enforcing safe practices within the platform will further enhance user confidence in this secure dating app.

Fake Profiles

Facebook Dating, the dating service offered by the popular social media platform, has unfortunately been plagued with fake profiles and bots. These issues are not unique to Facebook Dating; they are prevalent on various dating apps and sites. However, it is crucial for users of this online dating app to be vigilant when engaging with potential matches. While the FB Dating app aims to provide a secure dating experience, it is essential for users to prioritize their safety and privacy by being cautious and verifying the authenticity of profiles before proceeding further.

  • Verify profiles: Before engaging with someone on Facebook Dating, take the time to verify their profile. Look for indicators such as a real profile picture, multiple photos, and posts that showcase their interests and personality. Avoid profiles with generic or overly polished images as these could be fake.
  • Use your intuition: Trust your instincts when it comes to online dating. If something feels off or too good to be true, it’s important to proceed with caution. Avoid individuals who rush into asking for personal information or financial assistance. Prioritize your safety and privacy by gradually disclosing sensitive details only after establishing trust.
  • Report suspicious activity: If you encounter a suspicious profile or suspect bot behavior on Facebook Dating, don’t hesitate to report it to the platform. By reporting such instances, you can help keep the community safer for everyone. Utilize the reporting functions provided by the dating service to ensure prompt action is taken against potential scammers or fraudsters.

Remember, taking proactive steps like verifying profiles, following your intuition, and reporting suspicious activity can contribute to a safer and more secure experience on Facebook Dating.


Users can access support for Facebook Dating through the dedicated Support page on the platform’s website. Here, users can find helpful resources such as frequently asked questions and troubleshooting guides. Additionally, users have the option to contact support via email for more specific inquiries or issues they may encounter.

The response time for email support is typically within a few business days, ensuring that users receive timely assistance. Compared to other alternatives, such as dating apps with limited support options or solely community forums, Facebook Dating provides a robust support system that caters to user needs effectively and promptly.

Facebook Dating offers various avenues for users to seek assistance when needed.

In addition to an informative Support page, where users can access frequently asked questions and troubleshooting guides, there is also an option to contact support via email. The response time for email queries is generally quick, ensuring prompt resolution of any concerns or issues faced by users. This level of comprehensive support sets Facebook Dating apart from other alternatives available in the market today which may lack similar avenues for guidance and troubleshooting.


Alright folks, gather round, because I’ve got some hot tea to spill about Facebook Dating. Now, let me just start by saying that this dating app is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Seriously, it’s like expecting your pet rock to give you relationship advice. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with dating apps, and let me tell you, Facebook Dating falls flat on its face in more ways than one. It’s like they tried to reinvent the wheel but ended up inventing square tires instead. First off, let’s talk about the user base. Sure, there are tons of Facebook users out there, but not all of them are looking for love or even capable of spelling their own name correctly (looking at you Kevin from high school). So if you’re hoping to find your soulmate amidst a sea of cat meme enthusiasts and distant relatives who still use Comic Sans in their status updates, good luck to ya!

And speaking of profiles…boy oh boy! The quality of dating profiles on Facebook Dating makes Tiger King look like an Oscar-winning documentary. You’ll come across photos taken with potato-quality cameras from 2008 and bios filled with enough grammatical errors to make English teachers cry themselves to sleep at night. But wait! There’s more disappointment waiting for you on this online dating rollercoaster ride called FB Dating. Let’s talk about meaningful relationships – or lack thereof. If you’re searching for something real and substantial here, don’t hold your breath because most conversations will fizzle faster than soda left out overnight. Trust me when I say that using Facebook Dating is like trying to find a needle in a haystack while blindfolded and wearing oven mitts. Other dating apps may have their flaws too (*cough* Tinder *cough*), but at least they offer a chance at finding someone worth swiping right for.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love Facebook for sharing cat videos and stalking old high school friends, but when it comes to finding amour, this app just ain’t worth the pixels on your screen. But fear not, my fellow online daters! If you’re looking for dating tips and advice that will actually lead you down the path of meaningful relationships (yes, they do exist!), then stick with me. Because while Facebook Dating may disappoint you faster than a four-leaf clover in a field of dandelions, there are plenty of fish in the sea – or rather apps in the dating world – that can give you a fighting chance. So save yourself the time, money, and potential headache that comes with diving into the abyss called Facebook Dating. You deserve better than mediocre profiles and lackluster conversations. It’s time to swipe right on other dating apps and let fate work its magic because life’s too short to settle for anything less than extraordinary.

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1. Is Facebook Dating legit?

Yeah, Facebook Dating is legit! As an online dating expert, I gave it a go and found the fb dating app to be pretty solid. It adds a refreshing option in the dating scene, providing users with cool features while answering any lingering questions you may have about it through their handy facebook dating faq.

2. Is Facebook Dating free?

Yeah, Facebook Dating is totally free! Unlike some other dating apps out there that make you pay for premium features, FB Dating lets you swipe and match without shelling out a dime. So if you’re tired of emptying your wallet in the world of online dating, give this new Facebook Dating feature a shot!

3. How does Facebook Dating work?

So, Facebook Dating is basically just an online dating feature within the FB app. It operates like any other dating app out there, where you create a profile with your pics and interests, and it suggests potential matches based on your preferences. If you’re curious about how it works or have specific questions, check out the Facebook Dating FAQ for all the deets!

4. How does Facebook Dating website work?

So, Facebook Dating works like any other online dating app – you set up a profile using your Facebook account, browse through potential matches based on your preferences, and if the feeling is mutual, you can start connecting with them. It’s basically their way of making it easier for people to find love within their existing Facebook community without having to venture into the wild world of other dating apps. If you have more questions about how it all works, just check out the Facebook Dating FAQ section for all the juicy details!

5. How much does Facebook Dating cost?

Facebook Dating is totally free to use, so you won’t need to whip out your wallet for this one! That’s right, no hidden fees or payment plans – it’s as simple as creating a profile and getting swiping. So why not give FB Dating a shot and see what the fuss is about in the online dating scene? Go ahead and spice up your love life with this awesome dating feature on the Facebook app!

6. Is Facebook Dating working and can you find someone there?

Facebook Dating is totally working! I mean, with the massive user base of Facebook, it’s like a dating wonderland. You can definitely find someone there if you put in some effort and navigate through the seemingly endless options of this cool new dating feature. So ditch those other dating apps and give FB Dating a shot! 🙌

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